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Light up your life and bring back the warmth, passion and comfort only Candle Magic can bring! The warm soulful glow of candlelight and pure essential oils help relieve depression, balance moods & hormones and lift the spirits!

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Pure Plant Essence
Rooted in Ancient Folklore

Original Artwork
Soulful & Inspired


Owner & designer Shanda Beste founded All Is Well Health & Inspirations, a health food store, wellness center & yoga studio in Andalusia, Alabama in 2008. She sold the center in 2013 and founded Inner Chi Wellness in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

With her years of experience in natural & alternative medicine and healing, you can rest assured all candle designs are made with the purest ingredients and are truly designed with healing mind, body & spirit!

Candle Magic candles are the perfect pure candles for massage therapists, yoga studios, artist's studios, chiropractors' & doctors' offices.

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The Magic is Back!
and Better Than Ever!
We are so excited about our new designs and to be back in the wax
after a decade away!


Candle Magic was started in Key West, Florida in 1993. It evolved & thrived for a decade (see About Us for full story and a trip down memory lane).  In 2011, Candle Magic candles were re-designed and in 2013 the Candle website was relaunched!
We feel Candle Magic candles are the highest vibration candles! (They're so "clean" you could eat them... though we really, really don't recommend that!)  Each one is vibrationally tuned to further enhance the quality ingredients and the magical intention of each creation.

pure plant essence combine with the purifying fire element to offer healing & magical transformation
Everything in the universe has a unique vibration. Most of us can feel if something has a good or bad vibe. Dr. Masuru Emoto in Hidden Messages in Water showed the world through his research & photography  that intention affects molecular structure. His numerous photos illustrate how water crystals change shape & form (vibration) in reaction to his words, intentions, actions, music & writings.  
 At Candle Magic, one step in our production process is vibrationally tuning each candle to set and amplify its intended design. Compare to factory-made, chemical-laden candles... and

Raise Your Vibe
from petroleum-based  candles & synthetic fragrances!

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Candle Magic
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High Vibration Artisan Aromatherapy Soy Wax Candles made with Pure Essential Oils & Lots of Love!
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